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ErmsCo ERM Foundations Released

ErmsCo has released The ErmsCo ERM Foundation package which is an excellent solution to assist a bank with a successful implementation of Enterprise Risk Management. ERM Foundation includes a full set of administration and management guidelines such as organization frameworks and structures, risk committee charters, policies and procedures, reporting guides and a detailed project plan. All the content in the ERM Foundation package has been used and proven in highly successful ERM implementations.

Banks that utilize ERM Foundation will be able to save countless hours that would normally be spent on defining risk management, identifying risks, creating effective controls and determining adequate risk indicators to signal changes in risk levels.

To learn more, please download the ErmsCo ERM Foundations Executive Brief:

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides management teams with a set of tools to identify, analyze and administer the risks an entity encounters while conducting business.

What is the Current State of Your Risk Management Process?

Recent surveys indicate that 75% of Directors aren’t sure they have the risk information they need to effectively oversee their organizations. Boards and Executive Management teams are responsible for protecting their stakeholders by ensuring their risk management processes confirm that excessive risk taking is not occurring. This is perhaps the most critical activity any firm has in these turbulent economic times.

Where Does Your Risk Management Process Stand?

Understand the current state of your Risk Management Process by participating in our Risk Management Process Assessment.  ErmsCo can review your organizations current Risk Management Process, determine the maturity level and provide key enhancement recommendations to improve your competitive position.  These reviews are completed in an effective non-intrusive manner in 60 days so you can move into action strategically with your Risk Management Process.

Need to Move Ahead Rapidly with Your Risk Management Process Enhancement Program?

We collaboratively develop Risk Management Process Enhancement Programs with our clients to ensure strategic alignment and program success.  We understand the time constraints that are imposed by Regulatory Agreements and will use our methodology to quickly construct a Risk Management Process Enhancement Program that will accomplish strategic objectives and receive rapid approval from your Regulators. 

The ERM Advantage

Our Mission

ErmsCo is dedicated to the promotion of Enterprise Risk Management to enhance stakeholder value through optimization of risk, control and return.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Client CEO:  “ErmsCo helped our Board, Executives and Risk Management personnel understand ERM and how it can improve earnings through risk management process improvement.”
  • Client CEO:  "ErmsCo’s Risk Management Process Enhancement Program was exactly what we needed and the Regulators gave it a quick thumbs up."
  • Client CFO:  “ErmsCo identified risk management cost savings well in excess of their fees.”
  • Client CRO:  “ErmsCo got our risk management project moving through thoughtful leadership, a well defined plan and focused execution.”

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